About Us.

About BestVPN.com.au

We are a team of web-browsing, Netflix watching, country hopping Aussies who have a passion for VPNs and all of the benefits they offer.


It is becoming increasingly evident that corporations and governments are eroding our privacy as they attempt to extract more information from us and increase their control on the media we consume.


BestVPN was founded by Laurence Deer with the primary goal guiding Australians through the complex world of cyber security and towards a more open, free web.


Why Trust Us?


We are a completely independent review platform which never take payment from any VPN provider and they have zero influence on how we test, score and review the VPNs you see on this platform.

Every VPN we test is paid for out of our own pocket and tested from our Melbourne location right here in Australia.


We have spent a lot of money and a crazy amount of time going through and testing each VPN in real-world scenarios to bring you useful and realistic (not just best-case) reviews.



Unbiased Reviews

We never take a cent from any provider and instead fully supported through our readers who put trust in our unbiased VPN reviews.

Real-world Tests

We test VPNs using methods are directly analogous to how people actually use VPN services.

Australian Focused

We put a heavy focus on using a VPN in Australia as this is how the majority of our readers use their VPNs. 

We Keep It Simple

We do our best to provide in-depth reviews with as little jargon as possible to make our reviews as informative, but accessible as possible. 

Our Mission.

We Believe In a more private web.

Our mission is, and always will be, fighting for a more open internet that encourages privacy and bypasses censorship.


We aim to do this by reviewing and guiding Australian residents through the increasingly complex, yet necessary world of data privacy and cyber security.

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