How we earn money.

We are a reader-supported website and take zero up-front money from VPN providers. 

instead, we rely on the quality of our reviews to deliver real value to our readers who then make a more informed purchase decision. If a reader subscribes to a VPN service from one of our referral links then we may receive a commission at no extra expense to the customer.

Our Principles

We will never accept money for a positive review, to change a review, or to influence any reviews in any way.


We purchase all the VPNs that we test with our own money at the same rates as anyone else. 


We are not influenced by the varying commission percentages offered by the VPN providers and will not rank higher commissions as better simply to earn more money.


All affiliate agreements are agreed after we have conducted our reviews and in no way influence each individual review or the overall position of each VPN in our list of the best VPNs in Australia.


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